The manor of stories

Interactive museum–educational space


The manor of stories is an interactive museum–educational space in Anykščiai with the main target audience – children and families. Here visitors do not act as passive listeners, but as active participants, who can or better said - have to touch and experience all the exhibits.
The minimalist aesthetics of the museum's exposition helps to subtly and originally convey the stories of the manor at the same time not overshadowing the restored heritage spaces of its architecture. The museum communicates a modern approach to childhood - a trust in a growing person and his aesthetic taste.

Together with the team gathered by the literary cognition program "Vaikų žemė", we created the entire exposition from the concept of possible future educations to their final implementation - design and graphic solutions of the exposition. 

The exposition is divided into 4 spaces:
Anykščiai Hall has an unique infographic wall that presents the history of Anykščiai and a giant legend book.
The Manor Hall is an exposition of historical images and modern interactive objects. On a magnetic wall human’s height “paper dolls" can be dressed in historical costumes.
The Attic of the Writers is a unique space with 7 designed armchairs and portraits presenting 7 literature classics that were born in the Anykščiai region.

The most mysterious is the basement space. Descending the masonry stairs, looking through a hole in the heavy basement door one can see the “real” ghost of the manor hostess - an audiovisual installation intended only for the bravest visitors.

This special educational space invites to forget the stereotypes of boring education and to take a fresh look at the process of learning about history, reject stereotypes, trust the younger generation and foster public understanding of the format of the historical exhibition.

Team: PRIM PRIM studija, literature cognition program Vaikų žemė, Justinas Vancevičius, Ieva Cicėnaitė, Justė Maldžiūnaitė, Robertas Nevecka, Laurynas Kamarauskas and others.

Client: Anykščiai municipality