Taste the Font

The taste of typography


A few years ago two PRIM PRIM studio creatives raised a question – is it possible to describe the taste of the font?
That is how the "special dinner project" Taste the Font has begun.
People working on it neither were the big cooks, nor the food photographers – just a couple of crazy graphic designers. All fun for them was to characterize the font by choosing the most suitable dish for it, and then to write the short story and the cooking process into a blog.
Moreover, each recipe was chosen with the reference to the true history of the font and that is why the presented information was not only delicious but also healthy for the brain!

The dinner project kept on going from 2011 to 2012, however in 2013 Vilnius Design Week event organizers asked Prim Prim to make an exhibition of Taste the Font  in a public space. Two architects joined the team and that is how former Times, Courier New and Comic Sans recipes were transformed into the detailed paper craft dishes. The biggest challenge was to make a huge paper tongue as it was meant to be a highlight of the exposition. After a few weeks of painstaking work a final result appeared. However it was worth it - the project received a lot of public and press attention and the team was asked to expose these artworks even when the Design Week event was over.

And now… Make yourself comfortable and taste the font!

Creative team: Kotryna Zilinskienė and Miglė Vasiliauskaitė in collaboration with architects Linas Mikoliūnas and Vytenis Zilinskas.